Ladies in Hats

Dumpster Diving in the Airwave Alley for Good Trash TV And a Tasty Movie or Two

I opened this LiveJournal account because I used to do most of my discussions and ponderings about Smallville on LiveJournal.

We had ten fine seasons of Smallville, Yeah! Hurrah! I was with Smallville until the End. Clark flew and wore the tights (::CGI Tights::).
And so it ends. It was good for me.

I joined Live Journal because of Smallville, and I made some good friends here. I can't keep SV, but I hope to keep the friends. And I will keep posting on Live Journal about other TV shows and movies and all sorts of things.

As Chloe said, "There will be other stories and adventures even though this one has ended."

Good bye Smallville and thanks for all the fishes and superheroes.

But I am still prowling around for new Good Trash TV obsessions:

  • Yummy, Deep Fried Swan Song! I watch Food Shows and after years of Eating Food and Knowing What I Like and Don't Like (and I am willing to try deep fried crickets), I have things to say about Food and Cooking it. I especially have things to say about Food Shows. Why am I not allowed a Taste?

    Why is there no TV Smell-a-Rama?

    Currently, I am watching The Great British Bakeoff where Cherry Merry Berry and Paul Newman Eyes Hollywood evaluate the State of British Baking in the Non-Professional State. All the contestants on this show are such good sports and take Cherry's and Hollywood's criticisms to their broken hearts. Except for that one lady in the last series who sabotaged another baker's Alaska. Good for her, I say. And what is with all this, "It's NOT TOO SWEET." evaluations by Cherry and Hollywood? It is called SUGAR. It is SUPPOSED TO BE SWEET! But then, I am a Sugar Coated American who just doesn't understand NOT SWEET DESSERTS AND SUGAR. Thank the Kitchen Goddess.

  • I do Award Show Red Carpets when the mood strikes me. Or I just comment ::extensively:: on dawnybee's Journal when she posts on them.

    Beware! My Fashion Goddesses are Cher and the Incomparable Bjork and Isabella Blow and Iris Apfel and that magnificent Warrior, Grace Jones. I want to see Fire and Music and Feathers!

    Helena Bonham Carter has begun to capture my Fashion Interest. January Jones is trying for Classic Blonde Goth, Carey Mulligan is just going for Classic, Janelle Monáe wears Men's Suits better than most men but now she is into Capes and Skirts, and Florence Welch may be the New Cher. Sarah Jessica Parker has discovered Hats! I welcome them all to the Fashionable Ladies List.

  • I watched Top of the Lake which was a TV mystery produced and directed and written (all to a degree) by Jane Campion. It is a Woman Detective Mystery which means that it is not interested in the Laws of Men that preserve and extend the Patriarchy. It is about the Anarchy of Undermining Womanhood.

  • I have been catching up with Game of Thrones. There are a couple of early episodes from Season 1 that I still haven't watched, but I consider my self in the know enough that I probably won't ever see them.

    Apart from the fact that everyone in Westeros is a Damn Sex Pervert, if you have a sister, sleep with her, and the maiming and killing of children and babies, this is sort of like my Old England, Bloody England Histories that I used to consume avidly. "Off With His/Her Head!" That is my kind of history. I am a great fan of the French Revolution where "Off With His/Her Head!" reached its apotheosis.

    But the British were much better at cutting off their Kings' heads. Every third King of England got chopped. Prince William should be nervous.

    I will be reviewing as I see fit and as the heads roll.

  • I have watched Rectify with Daniel Holden as Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye.

    Both Holden boys were encased in their cells, Daniel in the Death Row Cell and Holden in his New York Hotel room, waiting to be re-born into Manhood or a close likeness. RE: the Caul in Caulfield.

    Daniel's conviction of the murder and rape of a high school friend who was a girl has been vacated by the state. It is that Pesky DNA testing that has robbed the state of another botched death penalty with animal euthanasia drugs.

    Some people in Daniel's hometown are happy about this (not all of them are in his family) and some of them are very unhappy about this (some of these are in his family). A lawn mowing guy covers up a friend's suicide for some strange reason because of this. The girl's brother is taking the law into his own hands when his hands are not occupied with holding his penis to piss on everything around him.

    It has only been about nine days and one and a half seasons so far in Daniel's freedom. And now Daniel has decided to remodel his Mother's kitchen. That will take another two seasons or more considering the pace of this show.

    Daniel's stepdad and step brother finally finished the kitchen and Daniel moved out into the world. Happy Ending? But no, Rectify is back for one last season. We still don't know who killed the high school friend of Daniel's. We know whom she had sex with, but not much else.

  • I recently discovered Mr. Robot. I initially resisted because I thought it was about Killer Robots and the Gamers who avatar them, but no, it is about the revenge of the many on the 1%. "Allons Enfants de Internet! And Off with their Emojiis and Icons!" This is my kind of revolution!

  • I will review other TV shows that I watch when I feel the urge to write about them.

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    I am in a Movie Night Club and I do the occasional movie review and commentary on older and good movies that I find while I wander the Internet.

    Come Oscar season, I watch all the nominated movies and discuss them. Then I cast my Meaningless vote for the best few. I am not limited to just one choice.

    Friends? Friend me as you will. No Requirements and you don't have to wear a shirt or shoes.

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