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Some More Movie Nights: Parte Trois

It has been a while, but Movie Nights has proceeded.

As my viewing companion noted to me, Live Journal has taken our idea of a shared movie where the viewers may comment upon the movie as it pleases them without bothering anyone in a movie theater and made a community of it.

Good Viewing to them and you are welcome to the idea.

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Other Movie Night Entries:
The Original
Parte Deux

Just a Girl and Her Dragon. Together and Alone in the Wide Open Sky.

Enough of the sentimentality, now we go to see the effects of real heinous human relationships and their horror.

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Well, I got invited to a lousy wedding last night.

And that was one destination wedding and honeymoon that I was glad that I was unable to attend.

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And so the Death Watch for Sansa ends. Her ghost is wandering the dead crypts of Winterfell, much like our neglected Rickon used to wander the dead crypts because no one would let him outside in the fresh and clean air to play. It only took until Episode 4 for Sansa to meet her predecessors and ancestors.

Oh Wait...she is still alive?

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We hear the sad, sad, commonplace story that Brienne was a Wall Flower at her own Prom.

Well, Brienne, Pod is always a squire, never a knight.

And some of us never even went to the Prom. Cry me a River.

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Per the usual procastination, I was tooling around looking for an interesting TV show to watch when I came upon Turn: Washington Spies and decided to give it a look. After Season 1 and three episodes of Season 2, I was pleased by my choice.

The titles are done in the 18th century silhouette art styles and are lovely.

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A big bag of Good Trash TV is back. Must be Spring cleaning to bring so many good shows back this time of the year.

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After a hard day in Mereen, antagonizing all the political factions, cutting off people's heads (like a Real Queen should do), and listening to fatuous advice from all undiscerning parties on her council (where did all the good parties go to? Like the one with Drogo when she ate the horse's yummy heart, but she was pregnant then and was having the oddest food cravings), Danys goes out the top of her pyramid's balcony and looks out over Mereen.
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Once upon a time in Mereen, there was a lady statute with a flower pot on her head. Now that flower pot for heads was once upon another time a very fashionable head dress, but times have changed in Mereen and that Passé Fashion had to go, along with Slavery.

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What I Saw: Mad Men, Season 7, Episode 8

I just thought that I would add my interpretation of Roger Sterling's psychedelic picture in his  office. Mine is a little more Mathmatically Abstract. Geez, I miss Bert Cooper's Japanese prints and screens.

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Now that I've seen all the Oscar nominated movies for, *I guess it is really 2014 instead of 2015, I have my vote and reasons for it ready.

But first, I want to look at the way the Academy might be voting on Sunday night. The Hollywood Reporter has four anonymous ballets from four members of the Academy and the reason for their votes. I'll give those a look to see if I can spot any trends to make my predictions for which one the Academy will award the Best Picture of 2014 to.Read more...Collapse )

Oscar Movies for 2015: Boyhood

Perhaps I've seen too many Oscar nominated films in too short a time but...

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Oscar Movies for 2015: Whiplash

I don't know if you have watched alot of 1950s and 1960s movies where jazz was the musical medium and all the cool guys played jazz and battled the Powers-That-Be for their souls and honor, but this film is an homage to them. It is a remake of The Sweet Smell of Success, and Fletcher (played with consumate bullying venality by J.K. Simmons, Schillinger, on the boys behind bars epic classic TV show, OZ) is Burt Lancaster's other "Cookie full of Arsenic".

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Oscar Movies for 2015: Selma

And now on to American History that, no doubt, is not approved by the Oklahoma State Legislature.

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