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Theo Jansen is a Creator from Holland who makes Beach Walking Beests from PVC.

Here is an excerpt from a BBC program about the Creator and His Creations.

I find it quite touching that he hopes that his Beests live on without him. But I wonder, will there be Beest Veterinarians who care and tend broken Beests? Will the Beests one day wonder who created them and what is their purpose on Life's Beach?

And I wonder, do the Beach Beests ever despair and walk into the Ocean and commit Seacide?

Life is a Pondering Thing.

The Library of Babel

One of my favorite short stories or speculations is The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges.

Mr. Borges describes the universe as being an infinite library and then discusses the implications of that.

If you remember the speculation about the randomness of creation, the hundred monkeys each with a typewriter and infinite supply of paper and ink and time, and the postulation that one of the monkeys will inevitably produce a play by Shakespeare, then you will find Mr. Borges' discussion of it in his essay-story.

The library is described as an infinite and random stacking of hexagon rooms and you begin to think of a beehive and the users of the library as the bees who in habit it and live there.

And you also think of the DNA helix and all of its many possibilities for life.

There are two small cubicles to the side of each hexagon room. One is for sleeping, standing up, and the other is for elimination. There are no coffee shops or food kiosks in the library and there is no need for them. All the food that the inhabitants need is in the books of the library. Food for Thought.

The offering for this post is a slide show of interesting bookstores which made me think of Mr. Borges and his library.


The Art of Isabelle de Borchgrave

________________ _____________________________________________________________________

Damien Hirst


Diamond Baretta Design


Mr. Galliano of Dior has made some anti-Semitic Comments and been fired from Christian Dior.
He made beautiful clothes, but he is an alcoholic who says ugly things when he is drunk. I have seen this sort of behavior in alcoholics/addicts that I have known. I hope that he acknowledges his sicknesses, both physical and spiritual, and goes for some healing. He has mending to do and amending to perform before he can make his clothes again.

Mr. Galliano will be prosecuted for his statements and conduct.
He acknowledges that he has some problems with alcohol and will seek treatment for it. He tenders a small apology.

The New Yorker has a series of articles on Mr. Galliano and his Fall From Fashionable Grace.
I was going to say "from Fashion's Grace" but the Goddess of Fashion graced him with his talent and she hasn't deserted him.
Mr. Galliano hasn't served her well.

A discussion of the French legal term "injure raciale".

Autumn/ Winter 2010


Carrie Mae Weems, The Louisiana Project 2003


Franz Messerschmidt


The Spanish Manner


Reining Horses


Fried Oaxaca Grasshopper


Louise Bourgeois


Chicxulub Meteor


Bright Star

June and July 2010

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