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[sticky post] Sticky Introductions

Theo Jansen is a Creator from Holland who makes Beach Walking Beests from PVC.

Here is an excerpt from a BBC program about the Creator and His Creations.

I find it quite touching that he hopes that his Beests live on without him. But I wonder, will there be Beest Veterinarians who care and tend broken Beests? Will the Beests one day wonder who created them and what is their purpose on Life's Beach?

And I wonder, do the Beach Beests ever despair and walk into the Ocean and commit Seacide?

Life is a Pondering Thing.

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Late To the Oscars...What'd I Miss?

I had actually seen all the Oscar nominated movies for 2016? 2017? (that always confuses me) before the Oscar broadcast, but due to a wrist injury, I never posted about them.

So now, after the Oscar Kerfuffle---who won Best Picture BTW? I will review what is Gone and Past (like Gone With the Wind but not so hungry).

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Oscar Films for 2016: Room

I was not eager to see this film and that is why I saved it for last. I don't like abuse and brutality toward anyone or anything, and particularly not women. (However, Mad Max: Fury Road did not bother me because that is well-deserved cartoon violence. We all get to have some contradictions.) The first 20 minutes of the film confirmed my distaste for the film.

But wait...
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Last year, The Hollywood Reporter posted nine exit polls, so to speak, from nine members of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts, and Sciences on what and whom they voted for and why. This year, the exit polls are back and the members are just as onery and frank as last year. However, I have to say that this year, the ones that I have read so far have been pertinent and not as far off the mark as I found the the ones from last year.

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Oscar Films for 2016: The Revenant

The Revenant is based on a novel by Michael Punke also titled The Revenant. Unlike The Martian, Punke's novel was commercially published not self-published.

The movie is essentially a Revenge Western (much like the Hateful Eight) but it takes place in the 1820s and the action occurs in the far Northern section of the Missouri River of the recently acquired Louisiana Purchase of the United States (this is what I understand from the movie, I haven't read the book, but I always like to plug a book if I can). The Native American Tribes, who run part of the plot (how nice is that? The Others have their own cares and concerns that are only periphally influenced or determined by the White Guys in this movie), are the Pawnees (DiCaprio speaks Pawnee in the movie) and the Arikara (whom I had never heard of. I kept thinking that they were talking about the Crees and the Crees are really Far North as in Northern Canada).

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Oscar Films for 2016: The Martian

The synopsis for The Martian is that a group of astronaut explorers are doing their exploration on Mars. There is a big sandstorm (no water on Mars when this film and the book that it is based on, The Martian by Andy Weir, were made), also because of the lack of air pressure on Mars, there are really no big sandstorms just faint breeze, but we have got to get this story rolling. The explorers have to get back to their space ship on their shuttle thing that is more like the lunar lander than a Star Trek shuttle. One of the astronauts, Matt Damon as Mark Watley, gets bonked on the head by the equipment and falls in the red dust (Bad Day at Red Sand, I couldn't resist) and is left behind by the departing astronauts.

Alone on Mars! It's like Home Alone! It really is.

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Oscar Films for 2016: The Big Short

The Big Short is a socially (and financially) conscious movie about the Sub-Prime Lending crisis (betting on residential home mortgages) and the many white guys on Wall Street who benefited from the larceny of cheating the little (aka, Stupid Peons) people out of their homes and savings with the help of Alan Greenspan and the Federal Reserve and the Big Banks and Brokerage Houses (this is when Lehman Brothers rightfully fell to their demise on the hard concrete of Wall Street).

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Oscar Films for 2016: Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a young woman's tale of voyage and discovery. She departs from her home and family in 1950's Ireland to try a new life in a different land and culture, the US, but unlike most fairy tales about young women who depart from their beloved parents with a young prince, the heroine in Brooklyn has no promise of a prince (she is going to a Republic where Princes are discouraged from settling). Our heroine only has the dreams of her older sister who wants the best for her younger sister and has the resources to make the attempt to improve her younger sister's prospects and life.

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Oscar Films for 2016: Bridge of Spies

Bridge of Spies is a historical movie directed by Stephen Spielberg about the Cold War after World War II between former allies and now adversaries, the US and the USSR. The movie is about the negotiations between the two powers over spies that were apprehended in the other's country---the USSR spy is hiding in a New York City apartment, painting pictures, and sending messages to his USSR superiors in coins. The US spy is Air Force pilot, Gary Powers, who flies a spy plane over the USSR to take pictures of industry of importance for the US. He is shot down in a very spectacular manner and doesn't take his medicine, a poison pill in a coin. The USSR puts him on trial and in prison while they use sleep deprivation methods among others to break him and make him talk.

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Oscar Films for 2016: Spotlight

Spotlight is a movie about the consequences of the actions by the Catholic Church in Boston to allow the pedophile priest Geoghan to practice his sexual perversions on vulnerable Catholic children for 34 years before he was finally apprehended and prosecuted by the civil authorities in Boston. Church members and even other priests would report him to his superiors and the superiors would pull him from the parish and perhaps send him to rehabilitation, pray over him, declare him cured, and then send him back out to work in another parish with other children.

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Oscar Films for 2016: Mad Max: Fury Road

In the beginning, there was some hairy white guy in a canyon, muttering to himself and meditating on the voices in his head. And why wouldn't he be seeking solace in the belly of the canyon (does this canyon look like the inside of a person's colon to you too?). The voices in his head are ranting about oil and Oil and OIL and then there is a nuclear accident going off in a forest (maybe that turned everything into the insides of a person's colon). About that nuclear accident in the forest---didn't the nuclear accident at Chernobyl turn a forest RED? But there are no red trees in the hairy guy's canyon, just red sand.

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Oscar Films for 2016: 45 Years

45 Years wasn't nominated for Best Picture, but the performance of Charlotte Rampling in the film was nominated for Best Actress, so I decided to take a look at the film. Anything to keep me away from Room. And Roger, we do miss you.

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Oscar Films for 2016: The Danish Girl

The Danish Girl was not nominated for the Best Picture of the Year (and I could see why not, if the Academy of Moving Pictures Arts and Sciences is primarily men---70% or more?---the guy/girl did slice his junk off), but the two primary actors, Alicia Vikander and Eddie Redmayne were nominated for Best Actor/Actress and the costumes were also nominated. I did see the film and I did want to comment on it primarily for the Best Actor/ess nominations.
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Oscar Films for 2016*

Ah! Beglorious and Frabjulous Day!

The nominations for the 2016 (or 2017, I am confused by the dates) Best Film and Other Stuff have been announced:

Best Picture

The Big Short

Bridge of Spies


Mad Max: Fury Road

The Martian

The Revenant



I copied it directly from some News Source.

Last year at this time, I hadn't seen any of the pictures, but this year I am only missing viewing Room and The Revenant. So I shall begin my reviews with a second viewing (maybe, perhaps, possible, don't count on it) of some of them. I have six weeks, the ceremony is scheduled for February 28. Join me with your own opinions in the comments if you like.

* 2016 or 2017, even some of the New Sources are confused by the dates.

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